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About Us



"Industry Leading Experience. Trusted Reliability. Proven Results."  

                                                                       - Founder Alan E. Ramsay



One of the most important elements in the Amusement Industry is Risk Management. CLM specializes in on site risk managment surveys of facilities for insurance companies, prospective buyers and of course individual facilities themselves. While most surveyors only look at the physical site, CLM not only assesses the physical but the operational policies and procedures as well. There are numerous benefits to having CLM Risk Management conduct your risk management surveys.  


Certified Risk Evaluators with decades of Amusement Industry Experience
Ability to produce highly detailed, systematic facility/operational reviews. 



Meet Our CEO

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CLM Risk Management has gathered key personnel in the industry to provide the most knowledgeable associates for needs such as layout, theming, sourcing, training, planning, inspections, management, refurbishment and renovation. 


The staff is comprised of: mechanical and electrical engineers, certified risk evaluators, facility operators, certified pool operators, fire science, fire safety inspectors, safety officers, hazmat officers and technicians, loss control inspectors, specialists in the field of aquatic leisure, facility construction and operation specialists, trained technicians, service personnel and certified trainers. Alongside the technical staff, CLM also boasts accomplished sales, marketing and advertising personnel.  


The company, its staff and affiliated are dedicated to maintaining the Amusement Industry

as the most Enjoyable and Safest Industry in the World! 

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